Founded & Operated
By Pilots
Only Known &
Trusted Crewmembers

Experience The Difference

Jett Group Inc. was founded as a business aviation staffing company for a major aircraft manufacture in 2004. Since the inception, we have expanded our reach and perfected our processes in the aviation staffing, human resources and recruiting space. We are equipped to procure and provide Flight Departments, OEM’s, Management Companies and Government Agencies with highly knowledgeable, qualified and flexible aviation personnel that will assimilate seamlessly with your organization.

Unlike many of our competitors, we do not find our candidates with a general post via the internet, email or social media venues. All our candidates are known and trusted crew members that have been vetted, proven and have experience in the past with a JGI pilot. Our Crew Members are our partners with proven experience.

JGI is committed to to building long term relationships and providing value added services to our clients as our success is a direct result of our client’s success.

WHY CHOOSE US? We keep the "Human" in Human Resources.

  • We don’t just fill a position with an unknown Internet Crew Member. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not fill your required support via an internet, public email or social media post.
  • On the Contrary, WE KNOW, TRUST, VETTED AND HAVE PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE with ALL our crewmembers supporting your organization.
  • Founded and operated by pilots with extensive knowledge and experience in the aviation industry.
  • 24/7 Client support with travel department, dispatcher and trip support services
  • Reduce unnecessary risk and liability to your organization with our insurance policies, taxation capabilities and employer of record capabilities.
  • One call trip coverage, known and trusted crew members, ability to handle all the trip logistics at Competitive Pricing.
  • We focus on the success of our Client’s and Crew Member’s - as our success is a direct result of their success.

We Make Staffing Easy

Helping clients fill requirements with top talent & crewmwmbers find great jobs.

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